Monday, May 28, 2012

Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is a terrible human being. She is a very bad mother, daughter, and friend. The way she has raised her daughters is terrible. On the Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Kim's daughter made a inappropriate toast to her mother and stepfather Kroy Biermann talking about sexual topics on how that now that her mother can have someone to have sex with. If Brielle was my daughter and she made a toast like that, I would tan her behind good and she would know never to do that again, but all Kim did was just laugh it up like it was nothing. I am telling you, that is what wrong with some of these parents these days, they are too busy trying to be their kids friends instead of their parents. And then they wonder why their children are being disrespectful and cussing them out as well as other adults. And as for being a daughter, Kim is the worst kind, on her show (Don't Be Tardy For The Wedding), she was being really disrespectful towards her own mother, cussing at her on the cellphone and what not. Kim has no real respect for other people period and to disrespect the woman who brought her into this world was way beyond cruel to me and it seems like Kim is a shame of her mother too because her mother isn't rich, and she also cut her mother out of the opportunity to help with the planning of the wedding. Mother crave on helping their daughters with their wedding plans and Kim just plainly denied her own mother the opportunity of helping with the wedding. Kim she needs to get some help and visiting a counselor wouldn't be a bad idea for her to do. And as for being a friend she is one of those with a friend like Kim who needs enemies. Kim uses her friends for own personal and professional gains. Such as with her "friend" Kandi Burrus, Kandi was nice enough to help her with the Don't Be Tardy For The Party song, and how did Kim repay her? She basically didn't pay Kandi at all for all of the work she put into making that song a hit. And with Linnethia "NeNe" Leakes, Kim was  the worst kind of a friend to her. She loved it when NeNe was down and out, but now that NeNe's career has skyrocketed Kim she can't be happy for her to save her own life. And as for Cynthia Bailey Thomas, Kim had the nerve to talk bad about Cynthia's wedding on Don't Be Tardy For The Wedding. Kim sounded like she was jealous of the beautiful wedding that Cynthia had. Oh well, Kim who died and made you the Queen of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta? Nobody and as far as I am concerned NeNe is the Queen and the real star of that show and you Kim just need to fade into the background and shut up! So here is what I have to say about Kim Zolciak-Biermann.

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